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PESCO's Commitment to Quality


Welcome to Process Equipment & Service Company, Inc. (PESCO).  Since 1970, we have been supplying new, repaired and used production equipment and field services to the on-shore oil and natural gas industries.  PESCO is an expert in upstream production processes, and we excel in the design, manufacturing and refurbishment of production equipment as well as in field service operations.

PESCO is committed to continued improvement through quality assurance programs including:

  • ASME “U” stamp for new pressure vessel construction
  • National Board “R” stamp for repairs and alterations to used vessels
  • ASME “H” stamp for low pressure heating boilers
  • National Board “VR” stamp for repair of ASME relief valves

PESCO is also committed to preserving our environment by designing and manufacturing equipment to help meet and exceed EPA’s and individual states’ requirements for air quality standards, emissions, liquid discharge and liquid storage.  All PESCO equipment is designed and fabricated to meet and exceed our customer's specifications.

You’ll find that PESCO’s products demonstrate unparalleled engineering and are reliable, efficient and easy to operate.  Our customers range from large corporations to small independents. We provide each with superior solutions and services that they’ve come to expect from us for over 38 years.