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PESCO excels in engineering, design, and manufacturing, delivering tailored solutions for new production equipment. With a robust team of engineers and an expansive facility, delivering customized solutions with exceptional quality and pricing is a PESCO standard, guaranteed.

With extensive experience in upstream production operations, we offer comprehensive field services to enhance operational efficiency. The partnerships we form help us continue to enhance field operations and get our customers where they want to be. 

Who we are

A Proven Company With Reliability & Constant Innovation

For over half a century, Process Equipment and Service Company (PESCO) has been at the forefront delivering tailored solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of the onshore oil and natural gas industries. Our unwavering dedication to design, intentional focus on fair pricing, and timely deliveries are qualities that continue to build our name in the industry with long-lasting partnerships.

Our commitment to innovative design and all-around supportive approach to manufacturing has enabled us to encompass long-term customers with routine manufacturing, as well as expand our portfolio with cutting edge water treatment units and on-site hydrogen units.

Choose PESCO for a partnership that delivers unparalleled solutions, built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and exceptional service. 

What We Do

Our Client Success Model

PESCO delivers tailored solutions, on time, with fair pricing, and all with a steadfast commitment to excellence throughout the entire customer relationship. PESCO’s customer-centric approach encompasses collaborative engineering, meticulous manufacturing, continuous improvement, and ongoing support. 



Our dedicated engineers collaborate closely with customers, utilizing their provided designs or offering PESCO-originated designs to meet specific parameters and ensure seamless integration within the overall facility design.


With a wealth of experience, PESCO has honed the process of production and pricing. We strive for the highest quality materials manufactured at the highest standards to provide you with exceptionally built equipment at the best available price. 

On-Time Delivery

PESCO’s dedicated team knows the value of time lines and are conscientious of our customers needs. We pride ourselves on our diligence, efficiency, and our effective manufacturing processes. Our commitment to timeliness continues to deliver dominant results.



Superior process equipment doesn’t happen over night, it takes time. And PESCO has over 60 years experience in crafting the highest caliber equipment in the Southwest. Our team upholds the manufacturing process to rigorous standards, ensuring reliability and precision of our products.


Partnership isn’t just about the sale – it’s about an investment in you and your company. Whether you want to expand operations, increase productivity, or accelerate equipment deployment, we walk with you every step of the way. Collaboration and attention to details allow us to surpass our competitors with a unique approach that demonstrates our intentionality to your needs.


We don’t stop at the manufacturing stage. We continue to collaborate with you, seeking feedback from the field and our factory personnel to identify areas for design improvement. We value your input and pride ourselves on swiftly implementing changes to ensure continuous improvement.


What They Said

Steve G. - Facilities & Midstream Engineering Manager, Civitas

“PESCO is and always has been a preferred fabrication facility from large to small companies, the entire process from design to fabrication is top-notch and done with the up-most integrity and quality.”





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