Doing Sales Different – Putting People First

Being a salesman in the oil and gas industry poses its fair share of competition. With a multitude of salesmen out fighting for the same client, it can be hard to stand out. When everyone is essentially selling the same product at varying prices, just how is it that some salesmen and companies seem to continually keep getting bid after bid?

Just how do they do it?

Is it better pricing?

More expansive workspace?

Or is it a matter of wining and dining the potential customer?

Well for PESCO, it’s more than all of the above. For a grassroots company that has vastly expanded over the years, the basis still remains the same for how the company treats its own employees as well as how they approach sales:


The Difference

When it comes to selling your company to a prospective client, there’s a lot of information to cover in a short amount of time. From your company’s values and products to their reputation and capabilities, you convey all that information in a way that stands out from the rest. So how do you do that effectively?

While you could read off facts and statistics from a brochure coupled with your memorized sales pitch about your company – you run the risk of sounding just like everyone else.

PESCO approaches sales differently – and it’s working.

1. Get to Know the client

And that’s not just a figure of speech. When PESCO salesmen meet with prospective clients, it’s not just about closing the deal. It’s about a genuine amount of time spent getting to know the client. What are their interests outside of work? What is their family life like? What do they value in their job and in their employees? What makes them proud of where they work?

This effort to get to know customers isn’t just a tactic to be different. PESCO has established a company culture that these partnerships should be ongoing, spanning decades, and that people come before the product.

Because when you actually get to know someone, it takes business negotiations and transforms them from transactions to actual conversations. It becomes an ongoing discussion that makes it more natural and easier to see where a need needs to be met. And when PESCO sees that need, they can step in and fill it.

2. Sell PESCO As a Whole

It can be easy when selling a business to gravitate towards leaning heavily on one facet of the company. Maybe you hone in on the variety of products offered or the amount manufactured per year. But for PESCO, it’s a company sold as an entire package from the ground up. With a robust team of engineers and drafters, coupled with an expansive shop staffed with talented and hard-working individuals, it’s easy to showcase why PESCO produces superior quality – from the shop to the CEO’s office. Because so much is focused on employee care, PESCO functions with quality and integrity from the ground up.

Because when everyone has pride in their work, everyone’s work is exceptional.

3. Capitalize on Customization.

As with any industry, figuring out how to stand out from the competition is crucial for success – and PESCO has found their niche. While they are capable of manufacturing multitudes of standard units, customizing is where PESCO truly shines. From patented units designed in-house to taking units and refurbishing them to their full potential to creatively engineering around problems, PESCO has taken customization to a whole new level of efficiency.

You see, when it comes to existing or new clients, PESCO isn’t worried about what’s in store. They know how to out-design the obstacles before them, giving them another opportunity to outshine the competition.

Different = Better

So even with heavy competition in the oil and gas industry, PESCO has learned how to make their mark. With a unique approach that follows their company standards of people first, they’re shaking up the industry with long-lasting partnerships that produce exceptional products for valued customers.

They’re doing it differently – and different is definitely working.