Jamie Mead, part of a fourth generation, born and raised, Farmington family, graduated from ITT as the valedictorian of her class. After graduation, Jamie enjoyed doing administrative work at San Juan College.

In 2008, after being consistently asked by the Human Resources Manager at PESCO, Jamie decided to join the PESCO family – a decision that she says was one of the best she has ever made.

 Originally hired to help in the human resource department, Jamie eventually moved into the position of Executive Assistant, which she still proudly holds. “Taking a leap of faith to come to PESCO was a blessing,” Jamie said. “Becoming the Executive Assistant was another blessing.”

Jamie’s position gives her the opportunity to work closely with Kyle and Jim Rhodes, as well as the company’s leadership team. “It’s a fun thing,” Jamie said of her position. “Being an executive assistant is a fancy title; it’s really all about relationship. It is knowing where someone wants to sit on the plane when they travel, knowing what kind of pizza people want, or if there are any dietary restrictions. It’s also about building relationships with local businesses.”

Linda Rodgers, PESCO’s CFO, works closely with Jamie and describes her as a superstar.  “Jamie has a servant’s heart.  Whether the task is big or little, she achieves her goals by helping us achieve ours.”

The appreciation Jamie has for her position at PESCO goes beyond the walls of her office. “Kyle is all about PESCO’s employees being involved in the community. I am involved with Grace Place (a non-profit that offers care and support for couples who are expecting a baby) and I help with fundraisers. I have worked with youth groups at my church, served on my church council, and volunteered with the American Cancer Society.”

As with most of PESCO’s employees, Jamie said the family atmosphere at the company is at the top of her list of things she likes best about working here.

“When we had the layoffs last February, we prayed before we informed employees of the layoffs. When an employee’s son died (years ago), we helped put the funeral together. When you work for PESCO, you know you are loved.” Jamie said. “We work through the hard times and we make it a joy to come to work.”

When the COVID pandemic changed the world as we know it, Jamie’s position at work took on new dynamics.  The front office staff, who had been helpful to her, was now reduced, and Jamie’s responsibilities were expanded. Those additional responsibilities resulted in her building her knowledge and offered additional opportunities.

“I keep learning and pushing myself here,” Jamie added. “Our administrative staff supports learning, and we grow together. There is always a way we can do something better. I have learned to understand people better and the importance of making relationships work.”

Her position at PESCO and her volunteer work keep Jamie busy, but in her personal time, she enjoys attending her niece and nephew’s sporting events, hanging out with her family, yard work, and movies.

“I also have fur babies,” Jamie added with a smile. “Midnight and Georgina are my cats and Lucy and Ricki are my dogs. “

While Jamie loves her fur babies, her dream of having children will not come true. “I love kids,” Jamie said, “but I’ve had Type One diabetes since I was six and my husband has health issues. We decided having children was not an option for us, health wise.”

Helping others is, however, a dream Jamie is living. “I am a servant,” she said. “I had to be cared for a lot when I was a child and I want to be able to take care of and serve others now.” Servant-leadership is a core value at PESCO. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines “servant” as “a person who is devoted to or guided by something.” Jamie Mead is truly a person who is devoted to others and exemplifies servant leadership at PESCO, and in her personal life.