A move from Oklahoma to northern New Mexico has proven to be the right decision for PESCO Field Service Supervisor, Tim Grant. 

He began at PESCO in 2005, after moving to the area at the urging of his uncles, Paul Holt and Jeromy Weaver, both of whom are former PESCO employees.

Tim started in the Final Assembly Department and worked there for a few years before deciding to explore his options and resigned from PESCO in 2007.  After a brief stint at a couple of other jobs, he realized what he had at PESCO, and returned as soon as the opportunity arose.

Grateful for his career at PESCO, Tim says, “They are a company that really stand behind their employees, giving us every opportunity to succeed.”

Tim has been in the Field Service Department for the past 13 years and has been a Field Service Supervisor for over 5 years. He, along with Luis Marquez, oversee 15 employees in their department. He enjoys the dynamics of his role saying, “I’m always in a position to learn something new.  Whether that is building a relationship with an employee, having to do the hard things as a supervisor, or going out and learning something new in the field.”

Tony Atencio, one of PESCO’s Sales Representatives, who works closely with Tim, says, “Tim’s been great to work with; he’s a real asset to PESCO in field service.  He works well with our customers and does everything necessary to get the job done.”

Progressive is one way Tim describes PESCO, “It’s constantly evolving and forward-thinking. We never settle for good enough and are always looking for areas to improve.” He appreciates working for a company where, “If there is a hurdle, we figure out how to overcome it, and we learn from it.”

When asked his thoughts on leadership, Tim said, “True leadership is setting an example by being willing to do anything you would ask anyone else to do. A true leader doesn’t expect someone to do something he isn’t willing to do himself.”

As for Tim’s personal life, he is a proud self-proclaimed “Dance Dad”. Tim has been married for 13 years to his wife Georgia and they have one daughter, Olivia. Olivia has been in dance since the age of two. He is the dance dad who is willing to do whatever is needed to help. “My entire existence revolves around work and dance.”, he said with a chuckle. 

In his free time, Tim enjoys playing pool and watching sports. He especially enjoys USA Soccer, whether World Cup or Olympics; he is a huge fan.

Tim describes three of his life highlights, “the day my daughter was born, the day I got married, and the day I took my dad to watch his first Dallas Cowboy’s game in person.” Although Tim is not a Cowboy’s fan, his dad is a big fan, so it was a true joy to take him to watch his favorite team play.

The family dynamic at PESCO was at the top of Tim’s list of what he likes most about his job. “I love the people here.  There isn’t one person who I can’t joke with or have a serious conversation with.” He expressed the importance of work relationships and how they impact a person’s ability to enjoy the job and be successful. “There’s just a different culture here at PESCO.” Tim has so much respect for the PESCO leadership saying, “The leadership here is fantastic! They have given me many opportunities that I am very grateful for and have provided me with the help and knowledge needed to succeed.”