Field Service & Repair

At PESCO, our commitment to our customers goes well beyond just selling them a new unit.  We are here to support our customers throughout the full life cycle of their production equipment.

PESCO has a dedicated Field Services Division which specializes in field support for equipment startups, warranty work, troubleshooting, ongoing preventative maintenance including Certified ASME VR Testing, in-field National Board R Stamp vessel repair, emissions compliance retrofits and decommissioning. Our field service department is comprised of over twenty personnel (averaging ten years’ experience) with a depth of knowledge covering instrumentation and controls, burner management systems, corrosion control, coating assessment and application, pressure vessel and pressure pipe welding processes, and production optimization.

Our on-site installation, startup and operational support personnel are led by highly qualified Field Service personnel, backed up by our expert Technical Sales Rep’s.  They are available to do on-site walk throughs or classroom instruction on equipment operation and maintenance at the customer’s request, and all of this is done with the full backing of our in-house engineering team.

PESCO also has a full-service repair and refurbishing capability located at its Farmington facility.  This includes National Board R Stamp Certified repair work to get your production equipment working like new again, or modifications to upgrade the unit for better performance or to meet current and anticipated regulatory requirements.

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Providing our customers with reliable field services has always been a staple of the PESCO organization. Backed by our engineering and drafting departments, a fully stocked warehouse, and unparalleled fabrication facilities, our fully trained field service teams can provide the experience and knowledge necessary to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently.


Inspection and testing of relief valves and flame arrestors is an essential part of any comprehensive maintenance program, and PESCO’s field service department can provide the trained and knowledgeable personnel necessary to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently. Our professional service teams have the equipment, tools, parts, and expertise required for proper on-site maintenance, repair, replacement, and inspection that keep down time to a minimum and your production high. All inspections come with a complete inspection report for your records.


Preventative maintenance programs

Troubleshoot and repairs on all types of production equipment

Exhaust emissions testing

ASME certified field welders

  • “R” Stamp

Pressure relief valve testing and repairs

  • On-site testing and re-calibration
  • Replacement of defective valves
  • Shop repair with “VR” stamp
  • Test tool installation

Flame arrestor inspection, testing, and repairs

  • Gaskets, flanges, and seals checks
  • Asbestos gasket abatement
  • Flame arrestor and housing checks
  • Valves, regulators and accessories checks for proper operation
  • Pilot, mixer, and main burner inspection
  • Stack bolts and gasket checks
  • External piping evaluations
  • External fire hazards checks
  • “Flash” testing
  • Flame arrestor checks for proper operation

Tank vent valve/thief hatch maintenance and repairs


  • Evaluation, maintenance and repair
  • Monthly service checks
  • Gas moisture content analysis
  • Glycol moisture content analysis
  • Filter changes and disposal
  • Contract pumping and well optimization services
  • Sale and delivery of anti-freeze and glycol
  • DOT certified haul truck
  • Steam Cleaning


  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Confined Space
  • Lockout / Tagout
  • First aid / CPR
  • Hot Work Permit

Safety Programs