Process Equipment & Service Company, Inc. (PESCO) offers a wide range of filter housings to remove solid or liquid contaminants from either liquid or gas streams.

These streams can include glycol, produced water, produced oil or condensate, natural gas, and other streams typically seen from producing wells. PESCO engineers, designs, and fabricates vertical coalescing filters, horizontal filter separators, and charcoal absorbers.

The vertical coalescing filter is best suited for coalescing of liquid vapors for low to moderate flow rates, minimal solids removal, and minimal free liquids removal.

The horizontal filter separator is best suited for solids removal, free liquids removal, moderate coalescing of liquid vapors, and moderate to high flow rates.

The charcoal absorber is designed to remove hydrocarbons from glycol systems on glycol absorbers. Hydrocarbon contamination of the glycol system causes foaming to occur in the glycol absorber, thus causing excessive glycol loss.

In addition, PESCO also manufactures smaller filters for use in various applications such as: glycol filters for protecting glycol pumps; coalescing fuel gas filters to supply high quality fuel gas to Customer’s other on-site equipment such as compressors or pump jacks; and solids removal prior to produced water disposal.


Typical Applications of Oilfield Filtration Units

  • Upstream of glycol dehydrators for removal of compressor lube oil and solid contaminants
  • Upstream of compressors to remove solid contaminants and liquids
  • In a glycol system to remove solid contaminants and hydrocarbons
  • Downstream of glycol absorbers to recover entrained glycol mist
  • Upstream of liquid and gas metering devices to prevent plugging and abrasion



  • Filter elements included that remove 99.9% of particles (or aerosols) 0.3 micron and larger
  • Vane or wire mesh mist extractor
  • Dual chamber for free liquid removal
  • Full opening closure for easy filter element change out

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