PESCO Indirect Heaters are specifically designed to heat gases or liquids safely over a wide range of pressure and temperatures.

As with all PESCO designed equipment, temperature controls and other controls, parts, and accessories are carefully selected for dependable and trouble-free operation. Fuel gas preheat coils are incorporated in the heater to assure a dry fuel gas and prevent fuel line freeze-up when large pressure reductions are required across the fuel gas regulator. A wide selection of accessories is available for various field applications, including adjustable chokes, low level switches, temperature switches, programmable controllers (PLC’s), alarms, etc. Low-noise designs are available.


Indirect Heaters Application

  • Heating natural gas prior to entry to a transmission pipeline
  • Installation on a pipeline at regular intervals to keep natural gas above the hydrate forming temperature
  • Heating natural gas before pressure reduction in city gate stations
  • Controlling separation temperature to increase efficiency of separation and prevent freezing
  • Heating crude oil to maintain paraffin pour temperature and reduce viscosity for processing and pumping applications
  • Heating light hydrocarbon liquids for use as alternative fuel sources
  • Heating jacket water for standby compressors.


Features and Benefits

  • Combustible fluids are heated in a flow coil by the hot water bath, completely isolated from the firebox.
  • The firebox is always immersed in clean liquid, resulting in long life, and elimination of coking and burnout problems. A clean metal surface rapidly transfers the firebox heat to the water bath.
  • A wide range of interchangeable flow coils is available for each size of heater, which allows for easy selection of the proper coil arrangement to satisfy heat transfer area and pressure drop requirements.
  • A wide range of standard firebox ratings is available from 100,000 BTU/hour to 4,000,000 BTU/hour.
  • Burner and pilot light assemblies are designed to match the firebox capacity and provide safe, dependable, and efficient operation under varying loads and adverse weather.

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