The patented PESCO LPUD Production Units, have proven to be an efficient and cost effective solution to 3 phase wellhead separation where the wellstream liquids load is intermittent, resulting in surging of liquids (slugs).

The standard water bath assembly with firebox and heating coil preheats the wellstream prior to pressure regulation, eliminating hydrate formation and the resulting wellstream is routed to the inlet of the separator.

The LPUD unit features a vertical inlet section with a tangential inlet which, combined with our special inlet assembly internals, creates a strong centrifugal action which quickly separates the gas from the inlet stream. Free liquids are introduced into the horizontal settling section in a controlled manner, minimizing mixing of water and oil.

A wide range of coil pressure ratings are available, as well as your choice of chokes, pressure control valves and controllers. In addition, the units can be configured to meet almost any production requirement or customer preference including operation pressures down to partial vacuum when fitted with an optional blowcase pump. Contact our office today.


LPUD Gas Production Unit Features & Benefits

  • Heating Coil when fitted with thermostatically controlled
  • 3-way valve allows heating all or part of the Wellstream.
  • Vertical separator section allows greater liquid slug capacity. Separated gas is routed directly away from the unit, reducing vapor carryover.
  • Inlet vortex assembly efficiently separates liquids and provides a degree of cooling of the wellstream, reducing water vapor content of the gas.
  • The liquid metering section, installed in the transition from vertical to horizontal sections, prevents re-mixing of liquids already in the settling section, to enhance oil/ water separation.
  • Easily reconfigured to meet changing production conditions

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