Our Value Proposition

Customers LOVE PESCO!  It may be our quality.  We build it right the first time and build it to last.   It may be our design.  We make our equipment easy to install and operate.  It may be our custom solutions.  We design custom equipment to meet the unique needs of each project based on site conditions.  It may be our full life-cycle support.  We provide expert field service and in-house repair to keep things in tip-top shape for the life of the equipment.

We think it is all the ways we make our customers’ lives easier.   We model the process based on operating conditions to maximize production and minimize cost to get the most out of your wells, develop 3D color images that visually show the design of the equipment and then meet with our customers to optimize the design of your equipment.  Can we improve the efficiency?  Can we make it easier to operate?  What design changes would make it easier to build, resulting in lower costs?   It is this collaboration with our partners that results in the best equipment in the industry.

When you approve the design, that’s when the partnership really begins to pay off.  Our team identifies material needs, checks supply chains, builds process flows, assembles teams, establishes production goals and creates a timeline to ensure we will produce a quality product on time, under budget.  Once we complete the first unit, we evaluate the process and implement changes to ensure continuous improvement in quality and productivity.  Our commitment doesn’t stop there.  We are here to support our customers throughout the full life cycle of their production equipment with a dedicated field services team for startups, preventative maintenance and repairs, and when equipment really needs attention, we have an in-house repair facility for major refurbishments and upgrades.

PESCO has nearly 50 years of experience building and servicing production equipment for the oil and gas industry.  We know how to solve problems.  We have great people, great processes and have great relationships with our customers.  When you partner with PESCO, you have one less thing to worry about.