Let Our Experience Work for You

What are the conditions at the well site?  How do we maximize production?  How can we make it easy to install and operate?  These are the questions that motivate our engineering team.  PESCO has an extensive in-house engineering capability providing solutions to our customers from the initial concept development to equipment design, production management, fabrication, startup, training and ongoing engineering customer support after the sale.

Why Choose PESCO for your Process Equipment Design & Engineering?

PESCO engineers work with customer provided designs or provide PESCO originated designs to meet customer parameters. Beyond this, PESCO engineers collaborate with the customer in modeling their overall facility design ensuring that all production equipment is properly integrated, sized and configured to maximize production, reduce energy use and minimize emissions to meet regulatory requirements.

We draw from all our experience, all of our past successes and failures, to produce the best equipment for our customers.  Our in-house engineers (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial) have a combined total of over 200 years of experience. Our engineering support staff is also noteworthy including a cadre of seven engineering draftsmen, a twenty-five year EE98 Master Electrician, and senior, highly experienced craftsmen leading our quality control department.

The improvements don’t stop once we start building the equipment.  We will continue to work with you to look for areas to improve the design based on feedback from the field as well as our own experienced factory personnel.  We take pride in our ability to listen to feedback and implement change rapidly.  Continuous improvement is part of our commitment to excellence.

Whether your goal is to maximize production, to get the equipment in the field as fast as possible, to maximize value, or all the above, give PESCO a try.  Let our experience, our commitment to excellence, and our innovative team design and build exactly what you need!

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