PESCO is not just a place to work, it’s a place to build better lives.

PESCO is a Family Business

However, our family is more than just blood. Every employee, every vendor, and every customer are a part of the PESCO family.  When we bring someone into our family, we look for people and companies who share our values of Integrity, Mutual Respect & Trust, and Commitment to Excellence, whether it is an employee, a vendor, or a customer.


WHY we do what we do.

To Energize the world, One employee, One customer, One product at a time.
To make the lives of our customers easier, and the lives of our employees better.


HOW we achieve our Vision.

Integrity is practicing moral and ethical principles that are critical to our success and our ability to help more people live better. Integrity implies sincerity, keeping one’s word and agreements, honesty, fairness, ethics, justice and moral character. Integrity is always doing the right thing even when you know no one else is looking. Our customers trust us to be their advocate and to provide honest solutions. Our suppliers trust us to be an equitable partner. As PESCO team members, we trust each other to uphold the highest standards of conduct every day.

Mutual Respect and Trust is to treat others the same way that you would want them to treat you. The thoughts, opinions and abilities of others are appreciated and respected. PESCO team members, customers and vendors are treated ethically and courteously.

Commitment to Excellence shows the passion we have for our own families, the PESCO family, PESCO’s customers, and the community we live in. It’s always striving for superior quality and performance.


WHAT we do to achieve our Vision.

We make our equipment easy to install and operate.
We design custom equipment to meet the unique needs of each project based on site conditions.
We build it right the first time and build it to last.
We provide expert field service and in-house repair.
We will produce a quality product on time, under budget.
We support our customers throughout the full life cycle of their production equipment.
Continuous improvement in quality and productivity.
We treat our employees as family and provide each one with opportunities for success.

Contact PESCO

5680 Highway 64
Farmington, NM  87401