If you were to meet Tony out of the blue, he would be the guy you can easily strike up a conversation with, chatting for hours, like he’s known you for years. With a congenial and jovial disposition – and the gift of gab – Tony is not only personable, but is an endearing individual who genuinely takes the time to listen to you.

That’s one of the many reasons PESCO is thrilled to have him as part of their staff.

But Tony’s story goes much deeper than just being a good conversationalist. His story with PESCO is one of loyalty, generosity, and appreciation. Tony’s experience with PESCO sheds a light on PESCO’s company culture that is wholeheartedly about investing in their employees and always putting them first.


When Tony started his career with PESCO in 1996, everything was good. He jumped on board and began learning PESCO’s ways and mindset behind how PESCO functions. His experience made his transition to sales in 2003 that much smoother. 

In short, Tony fit right in.

With an affection for getting to know people and building relationships, Tony excelled in his role, not only securing clients, but truly making partnerships and friendships that have lasted decades beyond just a sales call.

And it wasn’t long before others took notice.

While Tony was accelerating in his career, in 2013 a large company out of California started pursuing Tony. With pay increase incentives, locational draws, and retirement pay motivations, the company tried to lure Tony in with a high-level executive position.

But with years of experience at a great company like PESCO why the need to leave?

There was loyalty, friendship, and a solid company to work for that took care of its employees. But even amidst all this, and knowing that PESCO was a fantastic company to work for, Tony remembers feeling the push to go for something different. It would be a new place, a new role, and a new opportunity for he and his family. And so with some hesitation and reluctance, Tony decided to give this new company a shot.

“When I sat down to tell Kyle and Jim I was putting in my two weeks notice,” Tony reflected, “they handled it with open arms and grace.”  Kyle insisted that Tony stay as long as he needed in order to ensure the process was smooth. No bitterness. No resentment. Just a focus on helping Tony transition smoothly.

And he did. Tony took an entire month to fully train his replacement, contact his customers to notify them of the transition, and get set up in California.

The Big Show Doesn’t Pay Off

Once in California, Tony was quickly introduced to the “real” side of corporate. “Coming in at the end of the fiscal year, I was able to truly see what corporate is like. The people don’t mean anything. They really don’t. I got to see what it was that they truly care about: money.”

Still determined to work through it, Tony continued sitting in on meetings with the CEO and CFO, witnessing how the company was run and managed. But as the weeks drug on, it became more and more evident that this wasn’t where Tony wanted to be. Within a few months, Tony was already wondering if he had made a drastic mistake leaving PESCO.

He started thinking on just what he was missing from PESCO. It was the people, the atmosphere, the genuine care for others. Tony started realizing it wasn’t just a job he was longing for – it was an entire company culture that just couldn’t be replicated.

And that company culture was proving to be worth more than any paycheck or seaside location could offer.

So after sticking it our for 3 months, Tony reached back out to Kyle asking “Is there still a place for me at PESCO?”

And Kyle’s reply?

“I have one question for you? What took you so long?”

And just like that Tony was back at PESCO, doing what he does best in a company that prides itself on being personable and relational. You see, for Tony, even with added monetary incentives and a new location, the job just wasn’t worth it without the genuine care and investment in people’s lives that PESCO offers.

“I didn’t realize just how great a thing I had at PESCO until I saw something different. Now I know for certain PESCO is my home.”

And that difference makes all the change in the world. Now Tony is Regional Sales and Field Service Manage of the Northern Region. He keeps in touch with return clients and reaches out to new ones, always maintaining that getting to know the “people” is the most important – and the most rewarding part – of his job. It’s not just about selling process equipment. It’s about representing a company that stands for loyalty, integrity, generosity, and above all, a company dedicated to empowering and investing in its people.