Welding as an Art

Welding as an Art

“Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.”– unknown.

The welders at PESCO play a major role in the success and excellence for which PESCO is known. It is the excellence in their craft that makes PESCO’s welders some of the top in the region.

Being located near the Navajo Reservation, ninety-five percent of PESCO’s welders are Native American. The Navajo people have a rich history of craftsmanship including pottery, rug weaving and jewelry making. This artistry is evident in the attention to detail in welding.  “There is a sense of pride in the work we do here. We at PESCO want to be the best at what we do,” says Earl Brown, Assistant Plant Superintendent. 

Welders at PESCO are trained on the latest technology, consistently being challenged in mastery of the art while utilizing the most recent advancements. “There is always a personal challenge to outdo yourself, each time creating quality welds,” says Wilbert Jackson, Night Superintendent and PESCO employee for over 26 years.

Welding has developed substantially over the past couple of decades introducing several technological advancements.  Jackson says, “It used to be that by simply listening to the sound of the machine, we could determine the settings. The younger generation comes in with a different perspective because they are more familiar with technology. Now we just push a button to determine the settings.”, he added with a chuckle.

Along with the advancements in technology, the specifications have increased. “There are a lot more specs than there used to be. Although we are building someone else’s design, we must isolate, zone-in and make every weld perfect; that is how it becomes art, and welders have personal satisfaction in what is produced.”, says Earl Brown.

PESCO has improved many of its processes leading to greater productivity, all the while maintaining the highest standard of quality. Part of the craftsmanship of PESCO’s welders is expressed in creating tools to improve productivity. Jimmy Troxell, referred to by some as “the inventor”, along with Wilbert Jackson, designed and built various jigs for use in several of PESCO’s shops. Jimmy spoke of the attention to detail that is required when welding, “We have to pay close attention to our pace and the quality of each weld. Otherwise, we find ourselves having to go back and fix something.  We don’t ever want to do that. We prefer to do it right the first time.” Thanks to our team of highly skilled welders, PESCO continues to be a leader in the production and development of quality process equipment.