Employee Spotlight – Earl Brown

Employee Spotlight – Earl Brown

If you ask Earl Brown what he likes about being part of the PESCO family, be prepared for a response that will be full of appreciation, commitment, respect – and a lot of laughs.

Years ago, Earl worked for companies that required him to travel. A skilled welder and a dedicated family man, Earl decided the travel didn’t give him the time he wanted with his family, and he began looking for another job.

“I came to PESCO when Ed Rhodes (who, along with his wife, Mary Lou, started the company 50 years ago) was still here,” Earl said. “Ed would greet everybody. He knew everybody by name, and he treated everybody like family.”

Earl has spent almost 21 years at PESCO, and the benefits have been many. “I’ve gained a lot of knowledge (about the business) and how to treat the people I supervise,” he said.

Recently promoted to Assistant Shop Superintendent, or what he calls a “rookie superintendent assistant,” Earl displayed his leadership and his commitment to PESCO when he helped streamline the code department. The code department is responsible for welding high- and low-pressure American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standard coded vessels, which regulates the design and construction of the equipment PESCO manufactures, said Linda Rodgers, PESCO’s Chief Financial Officer.

“The code department has some of our most highly skilled welders,” Rodgers said. “Earl was able to divide the code department into various divisions, then promoted some of his top people into leadership positions. That gave them responsibilities for their areas and gave them the freedom to do what they needed to do to accomplish their tasks. As a result, the productivity of the code department doubled.”

Earl said his proudest moment at PESCO was the streamlining of the code department, which allowed him to give those promotions and give his staff weekends off.

“We used to have to work Saturdays and Sundays to get things done” he said, adding “but now we can do the same amount of work in four days.”

Earl’s dedication to his job and his employer is second only to his dedication to his family.

“My sons are my heroes,” he said. “My kids (Tyler, 28, and Zachary, 26) are important to me. I enjoy spending time with them.”

That time with his sons is spent hunting, fishing, and camping. Earl has a love of  “outdoor stuff,” which he has passed on to his sons.  He also has a love of archery, which he learned as a child.

“I like a bow and a string. You can look at the target, shoot, and hope you hit it!” he said.

Earl lists his top three highlights in his life – “My kids are one and two, and, after 55 years, I recently purchased my own home.” That home is shared with his wife, Sandra, and three of their children.

Earl appreciates the opportunities – especially that much desired time with family – that PESCO has given him.

“The people make PESCO a great place to work,” Earl said. “PESCO always tries to do what it can to help its employees and the community,” he added.

Linda Rodgers said PESCO’s leadership team appreciates Earl’s dedication to the company. “I have three words to describe Earl,” Linda said. “Integrity, respect and determination—Earl always strives for excellence” “Our mission is to make the lives of our customers easier, and the lives of our employees better,” is shared on PESCO’s website. Earl Brown knows his life is better because of that mission and he is grateful for it.