Process Equipment and Service Company, Inc. (PESCO) manufactures Treaters and Free Water Knockouts for the most demanding applications.

Each piece of equipment is engineered, designed and fabricated to meet our customer’s well criteria and specifications.

PESCO manufactures both vertical and horizontal treaters designed to produce oil emulsion cuts as required by the end user.


Oil Treaters Standard Features

  • Inlet Conductor
  • Firetube (Single or Dual)
  • Internal Sample Lines
  • Oil Box
  • Transverse Baffle
  • Diffusion Baffle
  • Mist Extractor


Optional Features

  • Matrix Packing
  • Hay Section
  • Sand Dump/Sand Jet System (Manual or Automatic)
  • Desalting System
  • Metering Facilities
  • Gas Dome (Horizontal Models)
  • Enclosure
  • Insulation
  • Internal Coatings

Contact PESCO

5680 Highway 64
Farmington, NM  87401