Flash Gas Recovery

What is a Vapor Recovery Tower?

A Vapor Recovery Tower (VRT) is a tall, vertical pressure vessel that is installed between the production separator (or treater) and the oil storage tanks.   It provides for flash gas recovery from the oil at near atmospheric pressure while eliminating the potential for oxygen being introduced into the process from the oil storage tanks.  The ability to flash the vapor inside the VRT often results in the reduction of storage tank emissions to less than 6 tons per year, exempting the tank battery from Quad O reporting requirements.  PESCO VRT’s are engineered for proper retention time (25 minutes minimum) to allow flash gas to separate from the oil, while also eliminating the potential for liquid traps in the flash gas vapor piping to the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU).  Additionally, design modifications can be used to eliminate gas locking in the oil outlet line should the user decide to fill the tanks from the bottom instead of the top.

  • ASME Code construction
  • Available in 50 PSIG MAWP and 125 PSIG MAWP
  • Numerous heights and diameters are available

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