PESCO to Build Reactor Units for BayoTech

PESCO to Build Reactor Units for BayoTech

BayoTech is partnering with PESCO to build reactor units for their first modular hydrogen plant in Albuquerque.

With technology originally developed by Sandia National Labrotories, Bayotech in Albuquerque, NM plans to roll out modular, transportable units that will allow hydrogen, ammonia, and fertilizer producers to produce fuel and fertilizer on the spot instead of at large, centralized facilities.

“We have a prototype now for the modular hydrogen plant,” said BayoTech CEO Justin Eisenach. “We continue to refine it, but we’ve shown that it works. We’ll have our first sales sometime in 2019. We’ll begin building the first prototype system in November for delivery to our (confidential) strategic partner in 2019. The company will use it for fertilizer production, providing a much cheaper way for them to make the hydrogen they need for their manufacturing process. They’ll test it first, and then hopefully convert to commercial orders that we’ll fill under a supply agreement.”

BayoTech’s reactors are also attracting attention from other countries such as Switzerland and Germany. But who will build these reactor units? PESCO is the natural choice.

BayoTech has partnered with us to build their reactor units. We currently employ over 400 people here at Process Equipment & Service Company, Inc. (PESCO). When we move into full production with BayoTech, we could add another 100 to 200 people – further boosting local employment opportunities.

We are excited about this opportunity for PESCO, BayoTech, and the state. This is technology developed at Sandia National Labs, refined by an Albuquerque startup (BayoTech), and built by PESCO – all developed, refined, and built in New Mexico.

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