PESCO has an onsite electrical department that can offer complete turnkey packages for its clients. “This has made us a better company. It’s standard that we quote and build instrumentation and electrical on most of the equipment we manufacture,” PESCO’s Master Electrician D.J. Martinez said.  

Martinez was hired in 2014, when PESCO began developing its electrical department. Management wanted someone who could come in and build it from the ground up. That person needed be a master electrician. The company found what they were looking for in D.J. Martinez.

D.J. came to the company with a varied background in electrical work.  As a Master Electrician, he is licensed in Colorado and New Mexico.  He currently is working on his master electrician license in Texas.

“Each state is different for licensure. Requirements include several years working under a Journeyman and getting a Journeyman license. Then you must build up hours and take the test,” Martinez said. “It takes about six to eight years.”

Martinez came from a family of electricians. “My dad started his own business in the ’70s,” Martinez said. “As kids we would go help him during the summers and on weekends. We would do whatever jobs we could.”

D.J., along with his brother Joseph Jr., and Daniel, all worked with their dad, Joseph Martinez. “When we got older, we kind of had burnout, but we realized it was a chance to earn a living and get paid. I was the first to jump into it.”  They all now work as electricians.

When Martinez came to PESCO, he had already worked for several other companies and had varied skills. “I learned to do special systems, like voice, video, data, and fire alarm systems.” He was a perfect fit.  Not only had he worked all over the country as an electrician, but he also worked in the oilfield as a master electrician running crews for Foutz and Bursom. 

“I’ve been in the industry full time for 28 years,” Martinez said.

Building an electrical department from the ground up was a welcome challenge, giving Martinez an opportunity to put that experience to use. He began by quoting equipment with the electrical equipment and instrumentation. “We had to develop company standards on the electrical,” he said. “This is how we build things. This is how we do it. Prints had to be drawn up in a certain way to meet code.”

Martinez worked with project engineers and drafting to build those standards. This meant that every time PESCO built a skid with electrical instrumentation, it would meet codes and customer requirements. “I had to build PESCO standards to supersede everyone’s standards,” he explained.

After six years, Martinez said nearly every skid is quoted with instrumentation and electrical and he oversees the instrumentation electrical equipment design and installation. “I work on the design and drafting and make sure everything is right for the customers approval,” he said, adding that he also helps with materials for the purchasing agent.

“I have crews in the shop that I oversee. They do the instrumentation and electrical for all the skids that we work on,” Martinez said.

Sometimes, the job includes having Martinez set up the unit onsite. Being licensed allows him to do field service work in instrumentation and electrical in both Colorado and New Mexico. “That is added value for our customers. We can perform maintenance and troubleshoot problems,” he said.  Just recently, D.J. led a team of PESCO Field Service personnel to help a key customer troubleshoot and startup an advanced process skid.  The customer expressed their appreciation for the help and the level of expertise we were able to provide. Martinez currently has a crew of about 10, and he says that he honestly loves his job. “I grew up with my brothers doing electrical work. Here at PESCO it’s kind of the same mindset,” he said. “It feels like family – like when I was working, when I was younger – that’s what makes it fun. I like my job.”