Raising the Standards of Excellence

When it comes to separators, any process equipment company in the industry has their version. But as with most things, standard one-size-fits-all products have their downfalls.   Sure, the unit will work, but how well will it work? Standard products deliver standard results. But at PESCO we don’t aim for standard – we shoot for exceptional. At PESCO, the units we build don’t just work, they’re flawlessly optimized for your conditions. 

And our customers can attest. 

Whether it be perfectly sizing a unit, or designing a customized, tailored product, or something engineered outside of the box, our commitment to detail and design is what continues to set us apart for our customers. With a highly skilled team of engineers, PESCO can delve into all the environmental and surrounding conditions of a well site, and design a meticulously precise and proficient unit that is impeccably acclimated to the surrounding variables. 

This PESCO mindset of precision and detail is what leads our customers to let us know just how well our units perform.

Several years ago, one such customer had a set of separators from us ready for a new location. After operating on the site for several months, they reached out to let PESCO know that, despite the unusual extreme volumes of sand, the separator was functioning exceptionally well, performing at its optimum levels. Examples like these showcase how PESCO’s dedication to detail and precision pay off. With our superior manufacturing processes, coupled with our design team of engineers, PESCO continues to prove that their products are incredibly resilient and effective despite the conditions and obstacles. 

Because you see, to PESCO it’s not just another separator. It’s our opportunity to blend design, ingenuity, and expertise, all to showcase what we do best: provide superior process equipment. It’s our time to deliver another exceptional product, engineered to extreme precision, all to provide our customers the ultimate results. 

Our customers know our dedication to detail – do you? Come see how PESCO is raising the standards of expertise and excellence every day.